WBJ: 40 Under Forty: Alexis Kelleher

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Kelleher, whose family owns George's Coney Island, was just 27 when she bought Crust Bake Shop from her boss last year, after starting as a baker in 2014. She entered the baking world after she graduated with an English degree from Wellesley College, taking a four-month baking class in Vermont and moving to Charlottesville, Va. for a baking externship.

— Table Hoppin': Kelleher rises to ownership at Crust logo

Alexis Kelleher is a young, innovative entrepreneur, who in January became owner of Crust Artisan Bakeshop, 118 Main St., Worcester. Kelleher worked three years for Crust's previous owners, Alec Lopez and his wife, Sherri Sadowski, who also own and operate Armsby Abbey, a restaurant located next to the bakeshop, and the Dive Bar in Worcester.

Crust Artisan Bakeshop owner Alexis Kelleher
— Barbara M. Houle

Worcester Magazine: Family affairs: George's Coney Island and Crust Artisan Bakeshop

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Above, Kathryn Tsandikos, right, and her daughter, Alexis Kelleher.Kathryn Tsandikos wants you to know it's actually Catherine Tsandikos who is responsible for the success of George's Coney Island, Worcester's most iconic eatery. It was Catherine who took over the restaurant in 1938. Kathryn insists Catherine, her mentor and grandmother, should be the centerpiece of any article about Coney Island.

Kathryn Tsandikos, right, and her daughter, Alexis Kelleher
— Staff Writer Worcester's Crust Bakeshop to undergo rebranding in January with new paint and menu refresh

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In the new year, Worcester's Crust Bakeshop will have a new look, and possibly more pizza nights.Owner Alexis Kelleher noticed the Main Street shop needed a fresh coat of paint and decided it was a good time to put her personal touch on the store. Kelleher purchased Crust from Armsby Abbey owners Alec Lopez and Sherri Sadowski nearly two years ago.

Crust Bakeshop price table
— Melissa Hanson Worcester's Crust Bakeshop owner opening North Main Provisions, gourmet grocery store with focus on wine and cheese

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With their sights set on creating more of a neighborhood on the north end of Main Street, Crust Bakeshop owner Alexis Kelleher and her boyfriend and business partner, Nate Rossi, are about to open a gourmet grocery store.

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— Melissa Hanson Meet the Chef: Alexis Kelleher and Nate Rossi/North Main Provisions, Worcester

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WORCESTER — Alexis Kelleher and Nate Rossi, owners of North Main Provisions, have been in the food service industry collectively for more than 30 years. North Main Provisions is a gourmet cheese and wine store at 122 Main St., next to Crust Artisan Bakeshop, which Kelleher owns.

Alexis Kelleher and Nate Rossi
— Barbara M. Houle Alexis Kelleher comes home to Crust and North Main Provisions

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You can take the woman out of Worcester, but you can't take Worcester out of the woman. That might not be true of every local woman who leaves town for her education. But that's what happened to Alexis Kelleher.

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— Staff Writer